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Ah, but a manís reach should exceed his grasp, Or whatís a heaven for? ĖRobert Browning

K2, is the second highest mountain on earth, after Mount Everest, and known for its local relief and total height as a consistently steep pyramid. Early climbers claimed it could never be climbed. Expedition teams from the 1930ís to 1950ís were given iconic status in mountaineering history due to extraordinary team work and courage until it was scaled in 1954.

Building a career in the entertainment industry is a daily, ongoing journey. This consistent process takes complete dedication and preparation, constant study and personal discipline, total honesty in yourself, surrounding yourself with the best and brightest team, tremendous courage and unwavering bravery against steep odds, and a belief that is forged in a pure vision of truth and universal human generosity that we must acknowledge is much larger than ourselves. We cannot scale this mountain alone, and must search for the best assistance and mentors available.

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